Forsheda 605 Sewer-Lock™ Makes Its Mark


F-605 Sewer-Lock™ Makes Its Mark

The innovative integrated sealing system from Trelleborg receives trademark in Mexico.

Trelleborg’s innovative new integrated sealing solution -- the F-605 Sewer-Lock™ -- is now protected under trademark in Mexico.The trademark further cements Trelleborg’s position in the Latin American market. In March 2017, Trelleborg expanded the F-605 Sewer-Lock™ line with a 450 millimeter diameter seal that was specifically designed to meet the needs of the thriving Latin American sewer industry.

Manufactured by Trelleborg using two thermoplastic formulations, the F-605 Sewer-Lock™ is an integrated sealing system developed specifically to fit plastic wastewater, stormwater and cable protection pipes. It comprises of a flexible rubber element, that creates an effective seal against the spigot and socket, and a second reinforcing polypropylene element that is bonded to the rubber and holds the seal firmly in place.

This double bond improves the overall performance of the pipe as it enables the seal to become part of the socket forming tool and to adopt any pipe deformation caused by ovality. The seal cannot be displaced during transportation and installation and provides greater joint reliability due to joint tolerance reduction.

What also sets the F-605 Sewer-Lock™ apart from its competitors is that it significantly reduces scrap rates and, due to an automatic installation, increases productivity for PVC pipe manufacturers and contractors.

The trademark, which took three months to acquire, protects the product name and distinguishes it from competing products. Other solutions in the Sewer-Lock™ series to be trademarked in Mexico include the Anger-Lock™, Din-Lock™ and Power-Lock™. 

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