Trellebog 582 Din-Lock, a new addition to the family


Trellebog 582 Din-Lock, a new addition to the family

It is more than 35 years ago that the ‘British Imperial Inch’ PVC drainage and sewerage pipe range was converted to the metric system. There is however an exception, and in the Irish market the ‘9 Inch’ pipe (DN244mm) is very much alive and still remains as popular as ever. 

It is for this reason that Trelleborg Pipe Seals is proud to announce a new addition to the hugely successful F-582 Din-Lock family - DN244mm.

The F582 Din-Lock family is available from DN50mm to DN400mm and is the perfect choice for a locked-in sealing system for plastic pipe & fittings for wastewater and cable protection applications. 

The unique design has a flexible thermoplastic elastomer sealing element bonded to a polypropylene retaining ring which holds the seal firmly in the correct position and prevents the risk of displacement during pipe transportation and joint assembly.

Watertight solutions that last

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