Trelleborg 589 locked-in sealing system


Locked-in Sealing Performance for PVC Pipes from Trelleborg

Trelleborg’s pipe seals operation has launched a new locked-in sealing system for PVC waste water pipes and fittings, which eliminates seal displacement during transportation and fitting, reducing scrappage rates and providing a leak-free seal.

Specifically designed for non-pressure pipes with a square groove, the Forsheda 589 (F-589) Din-LockTM seal’s unique design bonds a flexible thermoplastic elastomer sealing lip to a polypropylene retaining ring, locking the seal firmly into the correct position, in all conditions.

Forsheda 589. TrelleborgAlan Guzowski, Managing Director of Trelleborg’s pipe seals operation in the US, commented: “As one of the smallest components in the pipeline infrastructure, the seal design and specification can often be overlooked. But if the seal and pipe are not compatible and the joint fails, this can have costly ramifications for the whole system, including increased scrappage rates and project delays.

“With an ‘un-retained’ seal for example, problems can occur during transportation or joint assembly as the seal can swim or move within the groove. The seal can then become displaced from the socket and pushed into the pipeline, leading to joint failure.

“The F-589 seal features a retaining ring which means the risk of seal displacement is almost totally eliminated. Manufactured from TPE and polypropylene, the close fit into the groove prevents sand or other particles from penetrating under the seal. By combining different materials and first-class compounds, we can provide manufacturers and contractors with the flexibility and stability required for the optimum fit and long term, sealing capability.”

With the lowest possible assembly forces, the new seal can quickly and easily be installed into the pipe bell either manually or automatically after pipe production. Similarly, without the use of an internal metal ring  which is used for shaping in some other seal designs, the seal will not misshape during installation and corrosion risks are reduced. In addition, replacement of the seal in the field is made much easier.

Available in three sizes to suit pipes from 4-8 inches, the F-589 Din-Lock seal  exceeds current American standards (ASTM D-3212) for wastewater lines, both indoor and underground. Leak-free and oil resistant, this locked-in system delivers high performance sealing for square groove plastic pipes and fittings, for wastewater and cable protection applications.

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