The “Extra Mile in Operation” award went to Ernestas Jokubaitis

Extra mile in operations, September 2016

The “Extra Mile in Operation” award went to Ernestas Jokubaitis

Trelleborg Pipe Seals introduces a new award especially for colleagues in operations and logistics, the “Extra Mile in Operations” award.

Extra mile in operation 2016September 2016 was the first time that the  Extra Miles in Operation award was given to an operator who is committed to going the extra mile - and ultimately helping our customers succeed. The first award goes to Ernestas Jokubaitis from the Operations Team Pipe Repair products in Lithuania.

In November 2015, the DrainLiner line was relocated from Germany to Lithuania. Ernestas put a lot of effort into the modification of this line and trained his colleagues on its operation. 

The latest achievement on this production line is the production of 1,000 meters of DrainLiner DN600 in one length.  Increasing the production length of such liners helps to reduce customers’ lead times and potential waste of materials.

Bill Hagenberg, BU President for Trelleborg Pipe Seals, says: “We believe that Trelleborg Pipe Seals is more than just a place to work. Every Trelleborg Pipe Seals colleague is given the opportunity to grow as an individual, to build lasting relationships and make an impact in a place where people, quality and value mean everything.

“This unique team culture has driven us to establish the “Extra mile in operations”award.”

Congratulations Ernestas!

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