2015 WWETT Show Indianapolis

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Trelleborg Pipe Seals present new DrainPlusLiner 2.0

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Trelleborg Pipe Seals present DrainPlusLiner 2.0

This is the fourth consecutive year in which Trelleborg's Pipe Seals operation have exhibited at "The Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport Show" (WWETT), held in Indianapolis in February this year. And also this year it has proven to be a big success. 

As Trelleborg's Pipe Seals operation has grown in the North American Market, every year since starting in 2008 they have increased their presence. 2015 was no exception with a large booth space, with a focus on live demonstrations of their key products. 

The live demonstrations were carried out on an elevated stage with PA system. Excellent presentation and technical discussions were provided by Technical Director, Mr. Andreas Bichler.  The exhibit was supported with the USA sales team along with Sebastian Werner and Drew Holland from the German office.

The demonstrations focused on the official launch of the brand new epros®DrainPlusliner 2.0. The innovative 2nd generation DrainPlusLiner significantly reduces time, material and effort during installation - an naturally also costs - due to an almost universal application range:   

To proof this the demo included a pipe diameter increase from 4” – 6” a 90 degree angle and transition to 4” pipe. After curing a 4” connection was cut open with the Dancutter DCFLEX robotic system and the connection sealed with the epros®DrainLCR-B method which is a lateral connection repair system for underground sewers and downpipes in buildings.

To accomplish these demonstrations Trelleborg Pipe Seals also showed a sectional repair in a 8” main pipe sealing a 6” connection with 16 ft water head using the epros®DrainPacker method along with the installation of an epros®DrainLCR-S liner in the 8” mainpipe with a 6” T connection.

The resume:

Feedback from visitors was that the booth looked fantastic with excellent demo’s performed professionally. The epros®DrainPlusLiner 2.0 was received with plenty of “WOWS”! Many people returned 2-3 times to the booth to see repeat demo’s of the epros®DrainPlusLiner 2.0 installation.  Finally the big interest caused several orders and  requests for samples for testing.