2014 RoadShow TPS Rehab


Working Towards A Functioning Sewerage System - Together.

Working in cooperation with large water utilities and IFAT Munich, Trelleborg’s pipe seal operation carried out a nationwide road show in recent weeks. Numerous industry partners in Berlin, Fellbach (near Stuttgart), Frankfurt, Hamburg, Kassel, Cologne and Munich took advantage of the new training opportunity and communication platform to inform themselves about the latest house lateral drainage systems rehabilitation technology and exchange ideas with fellow professionals.

A functioning sewerage system results in a high quality of life for all citizens and ensures clean drinking water or groundwater. Municipalities, engineers, rehabilitation specialists and sewerage workers as well as manufacturers themselves therefore face one pressing challenge: to develop solutions for the preservation and improvement of underground infrastructure.  

Taking on this challenge, Trelleborg’s pipe seals operation has been researching and developing state-of-the-art new products and system solutions. “We need to ensure the holistic and sustainable rehabilitation of sewerage systems...that is why our product range features a complete renovation portfolio for house laterals and main lines,” explains Stephan Raab, Commercial Manager at Trelleborg’s pipe seal operation.
This new product range, produced within Trelleborg’s own facilities, meets DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001 standards and ensures consistently high quality standards.

Road Show 2014 Pipe Cycle

Roadshow in seven German cities 

Since efficient products alone are not enough to assure intact sewerage systems in the long run, Trelleborg’s pipe seal operation has now created a new network of competence. Collaborating with six major water utilities in Berlin, Fellbach (near Stuttgart), Frankfurt, Hamburg, Kassel and Cologne as well as IFAT Munich, Trelleborg’s pipe seals operation offered professionals from the industry an opportunity for further education and a platform to exchange ideas – in the rather unusual form of a road show.

Through the use of true-to-life pipe runs, constructed above-ground to make the demonstration visible, visitors in the different cities could get an idea of the Trelleborg way of holistic pipe rehabilitation in house laterals drainage systems. The demonstration included all equipment as used on an actual work site, thanks to the support of professional providers of inspection systems, cutting systems and mixing/impregnation units.

Visitors at the roadshow got to see demonstrations of the following:

  • the combined rehabilitation of underground lateral pipes and down pipes in buildings with two dimension changes from DN 100 over DN 125 to DN 150, negotiating bends of up to 90°
  • lateral connection repairs in buildings
  • lateral connection repair in main sewer pipes
  • the rehabilitation of lateral connection pipes from the main to the house using Trelleborg’s new Main-To-House (MtH) System

Road Show

New products for efficient sewerage rehabilitation 

Experts present were particularly impressed by the MtH System, which was originally launched in the United States and introduced into Germany market in 2013. This solution, which is unique to the industry, makes it possible to rehabilitate lateral house connection pipes from the main sewer pipe with the simultaneous sealing of the main sewer feed.

One major benefit of this solution is that it does not require a second access point through a manhole or inspection opening in the house and therefore, does not require points of contact with residents and property owners.
Also presented at the roadshow was the new DrainPlusLiner 2.0. With this new product, Trelleborg’s pipe seal operation is the first to develop a CIPP liner with a silicone coating, which uses the excellent properties of the silicone for a “no-dig” pipe rehabilitation technology.

Watertight solutions that last

Whether you are looking to install new pipe systems or repair existing infrastructure, Trelleborg helps you with watertight solutions that last