2014 New Production Site in Lithuania


Increased demand: Trelleborg invests in latest machinery for liner production.

Greater flexibility, consistently high quality standards and an attractive price: In light of these benefits and due to an increase in demand, Trelleborg recently invested in a new, modern production site in Lithuania. Here, the company will be processing its own pipe liner material, for products such as the DrainFlexLiner.

January 15th, 2014. 

As in other industrial sectors, many materials are comparable also in sewer rehabilitation. This is particularly true for the liner materials that are used. Hose liners, for instance, typically come from almost the same suppliers. Very few system suppliers forge their own path in this regard - but Trelleborg has. The steam-resistant DrainFlexLiner for instance, is being processed at its own plant in Lithuania for two years now. Unique feature: thanks to a specially designed formula of the coating which makes the material flexible enough so this liner can also be used for smaller dimensions in household pipes/lines.

Cutting machine

Thus the polypropylene-coated hose liner from Trelleborg becomes one of the most flexible PP-coated hose liners on the market. The materials needed to manufacture it will be produced at a new and larger production site in Lithuania from now on. In order to meet the constant increase in demand while also maintaining its high quality standards Trelleborg has made investments such as new, modern machinery and training for technical staff. This allowed it to optimize materials planning and its production processes.

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"Our customers will benefit from shorter and more flexible delivery times so they will also be able to plan for their businesses better in the future. In addition to this, we will also continue to meet our own high standards for sustainable, environmentally friendly production. 

Over the long term, optimized processes will reduce CO2 emissions, contributing to a better energy balance," explains Bill Hagenberg, President of Trelleborg Pipe Seals and Manager at TPS Duisburg.

Lithuanian Crew