Meet “SuperSealer” Holger Zinn Trelleborg

Meet “SuperSealer” Holger Zinn

While the market for trenchless pipe and sewer rehabilitation solutions continues to grow worldwide and with it the number of competitors, our Super Sealer of September has started his mission to set Trelleborg apart from its competitors in this business segment with a view to revolutionizing technologies...

Holger Zinn - Trelleborg

Who are you?

My name is Holger Jörgen Zinn. I’m 55 and I’m the Business Development Manager EMEA for Trelleborg’s Pipe Rehabilitation in Germany.

When did you start this position and what are your key duties?

I joined Trelleborg in 2018. My job as a business development manager is to research organizations and individuals to find new opportunities, identify sales leads, pitch goods or services to new clients and maintain a good working relationship with new contacts, communicating new product developments to prospective clients, contacting potential clients to establish rapport and arrange meetings. I am planning and overseeing new marketing initiatives. However, business development for Pipe Repair includes also knowledge transfer of technical specifications to network owners, water authorities, municipalities.  Another important component is the training of engineers who apply the Trelleborg Pipe Repair Solutions specification.

What do you like best about working here?

I've been with Trelleborg since the end of 2018 and I'm proud that I am with this company. We are right in the middle of a repositioning process. These are exciting times ahead. I enjoy working in a team with dedicated colleagues with whom I can share my knowledge and network and from whom I can learn something as an engineer.

What are the key challenges you face in your job?

A key challenge is to make Trelleborg even more visible in the rehabilitation market. We are looking for unique selling points, which will be made available to us by the R&D department. We are expanding our sales structure and are looking for people who want to sell great products. Our medium-term goal is to become number 1 in the rehabilitation market.

How do you think the business in your area is going to evolve in the future? How are you preparing for this?

The field of sewer rehabilitation is in constant motion. The market, but also the number of competitors, is growing. We still use the curing method with steam or water. Of course, we are also monitoring the development of UV or LED curing to add it to our overall portfolio. However, we will only enter the market with a solution that can clearly set ourselves apart from our competitors. This is the Trelleborg way and I am sure that our R&D department will soon put us in pole position in UV or LED curing. It will be the key to a new market approach.

What do you do in your free time?

The weekend belongs to the family. I have an 11-year-old son who I often bring to swimming competitions all over Germany. The whole family also likes to play golf together.

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