Meet “SuperSealer” Agnieszka Marek

Meet “SuperSealer” Agnieszka Marek

December’s SuperSealer and hiking enthusiast has already reached a high point in her career, but she feels she still has farther to climb. She tells us what it’s like to manage a busy warehouse and why, for all its challenges, her job is certainly never boring.

Who are you?

My name is Agnieszka Marek, and I’m a warehouse leader with Trelleborg’s pipe seal operations in Poland.

Agnieszka Marek, TrelleborgHow long have you been in your position? What are your key duties?

I’ve been in my current role for about 11 years. My responsibilities include managing the warehouse team and organizing and maintaining inventory and stock control. I’m also responsible for making sure my warehouse complies with all company policies and procedures, particularly those relating to health and safety, as well as ensuring the cleanliness of the storage areas and warehouse space. It’s also up to me to identify areas where our operations could be improved and to help implement those changes.

What do you enjoy most about working at Trelleborg?

After 14 years with Trelleborg, the people are still the best thing about working here. Everyone in the warehouse gets on really well, and the atmosphere and spirit within the team is not something that’s easy to find. Also, every day brings new challenges and tests for me to overcome, so I’m certainly never bored!

What are some of the challenges you face in your job?

As you can imagine, running a warehouse operation for a company like Trelleborg, which has customers and suppliers all over the world, is a complex process, and there are lots of moving parts. The warehouse is central to all of our logistics and distribution activities, so it’s vital that these processes run smoothly.

As well as being responsible for my own performance, I oversee the rest of the warehouse team, making sure everyone is clear about their role, happy with what they’re doing, and performing to the best of their abilities. As a manager, I also have to liaise with several other departments across the company, so it’s very much a people-based role.

How do you see your business area developing in the future? How are you preparing for this?

Things move super fast in our industry, and they’re getting faster all the time. In order to keep up, we need to find ways to increase the efficiency of our day-to-day processes and reduce human errors. Here in Poland, we are currently working on upgrading our enterprise resource planning systems, and our short-term goal is to ensure we implement this as soon as possible.

How do you spend your free time?

I’ve always been into sports. Whenever I have free time, you’ll find me outside jogging, cycling or taking part in some other form of exercise. I try to run every other day to stay in shape, but my main passion is hiking – there’s nothing like fresh air, beautiful views and pure silence to make you feel totally relaxed.

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