Meet "SuperSealer" Sanharib Mirza!


Meet "SuperSealer" Sanharib Mirza!

The unique and heritage-rich regions of the Middle East and Africa offer huge potential for business growth says our “SuperSealer” for October, Sanharib Mirza. Read on to find out more. 

Sanharib Mirza

Who are you?

Sanharib Mirza, 49, Business Development Manager for the Middle East & Africa.

How long have you worked in this position and what are your key duties?

I have worked here since 2013 and I am responsible for developing the market and achieving sustainable growth in the Middle East and Africa for Trelleborg’s pipe seals.

What do you like most about working with Trelleborg?

Working in a multinational company such as Trelleborg also means working in a truly international environment with local presence. The atmosphere is friendly and motivational and there is space for personal development across all businesses and areas.

What are the key challenges you face in your job?

The area I am in charge of - the Middle East and North Africa - is very unique and possesses a rich cultural history.

For my job, I have to travel across more than 18 countries in this region to identify and explore the needs of plastic and concrete pipe manufacturers and encourage them to adopt our innovative pipe seals solutions. Yet, I do so with full confidence as I am very familiar with customs and habits of the people who live here.

The biggest challenge I actually face in my job is encouraging key decision-makers to adopt to a more holistic, value-added way of thinking over more traditional, price-oriented purchasing processes.

As a manufacturer of premium products operating in a very competitive market, it is very important to make sure that key stakeholders (such as water authorities, consulates, and pipe manufacturers) are aware of the benefits of using our high-quality sealing solutions.

It does help that Trelleborg's Forsheda Pipe Seals is a well-known brand and has built up a very good reputation over the years. Trelleborg’s continuous drive for innovation and tremendous know-how in pipe seals contributes to the company's success.

How do you think the business in your area is going to evolve in the future?

There are huge opportunities and a potential for growth in this region.

Tell us what it’s like doing business in the Middle East.

The Middle East is a relationship-driven culture and this means if the right amount of time and energy is not invested in building and maintaining relationships, then the chances of success are limited. Trelleborg understands this business culture and provides the platform to be successful.

What do you do in your free time?

I like to spend time with my family and friends, reading, and volunteering in local community activities.

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