Meet "SuperSealer" Juan Fernando Jaramillo


Meet "SuperSealer" Juan Fernando Jaramillo!

Based in the city of Bogota, Colombia, Trelleborg Sales Manager Juan Fernando Jaramillo is the latest to be featured in our “SuperSealer” column -- a series of profiles aiming to introduce the people behind the successful running of Trelleborg Pipe Seals around the world!

Who are you?
Juan Fernando Jaramillo, 58, Sales Manager for South America (excluding Brazil).

How long have you worked in this position and what are your key duties?
I am based in Bogota, Colombia, and have spent the last 30 years working in the PVC pipes industry. I started working for Maxseal in 2012 and came into my current position when Trelleborg took over Maxseal in 2014. Trelleborg then set up a new company in Colombia, including a warehouse, in order to introduce Maxseal Rieber gaskets into the market and provide South American clients with high service levels. My main duty today is to continue to grow sales and further enhance our position in the South American market by building new business, meeting the needs of all our clients with the products offered in our portfolio, and promoting the development of new products.

What do you enjoy most about working with Trelleborg?
The thing that I like the most about working with Trelleborg is that I am always learning new things! 

What are the key challenges you face in your job? 
Because my territory is relatively new, the key challenge I face is the growth and increasing of sales: introducing Forsheda gaskets, obtaining new clients and developing gaskets for new products.

How is business in your area evolving? How are you preparing for this?
As the market for pipes for pressure and sewer applications is mature in most countries, we have to focus on new pipes and fittings that our clients can introduce to the market. We have to be a step ahead in order to identify new needs and give our clients the most optimal solution in terms of technical performance and cost. Our R&D department therefore plays a critical role in developing solutions to meet customer requests. We have to be very close to our clients and help them with their new projects.

Tell us about why you think knowledge is key in your work.
In my field of work, knowledge of the technical aspects of the products and processes of the industry is vital. You need to demonstrate to potential clients that you understand their every process and, therefore, any needs that could arise. My personal experience in the PVC pipe industry, particularly in manufacturing, and my background in mechanical engineering has given me this valuable knowledge.

What do you do in your free time?
I have a little farm close to Bogota where my wife and I spend most of my weekends taking care of the plants, flowers, vegetables and fruit trees. While there, my wife and I also enjoy hiking in the countryside and, at night, we watch movies in front of the fireplace. On occasions, our sons visit the farm with their partners and that’s always a reason to have a family BBQ and spend time catching up. 

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