Meet "SuperSealer" Dirk Bublitz!


Meet "SuperSealer" Dirk Bublitz!

With the expansion of Trelleborg’s manufacturing facility for pipe seals in Lithuania comes growth -- and new challenges. Purchasing Manager for Trelleborg’s pipe seals operation in Duisburg Germany, and our SuperSealer of the month, Dirk Dublitz, explains what he and his team are doing to meet these challenges.

Who are you?
Dirk Bublitz, 48, Purchasing Manager for Trelleborg’s pipe seals operation in Duisburg, Germany. 

How long have you worked in this position and what are your key duties? 
I have been with Trelleborg since 2007. I am responsible for the purchasing department and warehouse. My key duties are to track and report key metrics to reduce expenses and improve effectiveness; monitor and forecast upcoming levels of demand; and  assess, manage and mitigate risk.

What do you like most about working with Trelleborg?
It is exciting to work at Trelleborg -- I enjoy the daily challenges I face on the job as well as the chance to learn and be a part of a great team. It is also important for me that I am challenged with new responsibilities. In recent years, I have had the opportunity to assume more responsibilities for the warehouse/logistics department. The many different tasks and the possibility to learn new things keeps things interesting. 

What are the key challenges you face in your job? 
There are a number of challenges I face in my job but a key one right now is assuming responsibility for logistics here in Duisburg, managing the external warehouses at our manufacturing facility in Lithuania and our suppliers. This means that I have to be able to manage several different tasks or projects at the same time under time pressure. Even so, it is always possible for me to achieve the given objectives to the benefit of our customers. 

A major challenge I see coming in the upcoming months will be the better integration of our logistics into Trelleborg’s ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) System. 

Tell us more about this new challenge and the measures you are taking. 

We are taking measures to enhance our ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) System; fine-tuning processes, setting up work centers and more. It is essential for us to create and improve internal infrastructure and platform solutions in order to be able to react flexibly and quickly to changing requirements.  

What do you do in your free time?
I spend my free time with my wife. We like to meet friends and family. We also look forward to sports and cultural activities such as running, going to the gym or the theatre. 

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