Meet "SuperSealer" Cindy Usery


Meet "SuperSealer" Cindy Usery!

The customer is king -- but it can sometimes be challenging dealing with customers who have been working outside under the sweltering sun all day. Cindy Usery, Customer Service & Sales Support from Trelleborg’s office in Bonne Terre, Missouri, shares her thoughts on how to deal with customers in this month’s SuperSealer profile!

Who are you? 
Cindy Usery, 59, Customer Service & Sales Support (Bonne Terre, Missouri)

How long have you worked in this position and what are your key duties? 
I started working for Bidco Sealants in Missouri about 20 years ago -- a company that was acquired by Trelleborg about six years ago. I started in accounts receivable and payables, then went on to the payroll department, and after that on to my current position. My current duties include order entry, shipping, sales and various other tasks. 

What do you like most about your job?
I am a “People Person” so this job is a good fit for me. I also enjoy the fact that this job offers me something new every day. 

What are the key challenges you face in your work? 
My job can be very hectic most days and a key challenge is making sure that our customers are pleased with their orders and that these orders are shipped in a timely manner.  

You have worked in this area for about 15 years. Do you have any tips on how to handle angry/dissatisfied customers? 
We do not have many dissatisfied customers but when we do, I try to be understanding regarding their concerns and rectify the problem as quickly as possible. I believe that a person working in my position needs to have an understanding of what the customer is dealing with. Most of our customers work in a dirty environment and their jobs are labor intensive -- so someone calling in an order may have been working in 100 degree (38 degrees Celsius) temperatures all day, in the mud and dirt, and may not be in the most pleasant mood. But you have to know that it is nothing personal. 

Do you think customers have become more demanding and expect quicker responses nowadays? How do you deal with this increased pace of work? 
I do think people have become more demanding since the internet has taken over. It also seems to me that people are moving at a much faster pace than ever before. I thus find it helpful to have a routine -- I get interrupted more often than not, but if I stay on track, I can keep up with most of my work. 

Do you have a “motto” that guides you in your work?
I believe that courtesy and a positive attitude can go a long way when dealing with people.  

Finally, what do you do in your free time?  
I love spending time with friends and family -- my husband and I have three daughters and six beautiful grandchildren -- as well gardening and reading. 

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