Meet "SuperSealer" Bill Hagenberg


Presiding Over Matters

To round off a successful year, we have a very special “SuperSealer” profile with the President of Trelleborg Pipe Seals, Bill Hagenberg!

Who are you?

Bill Hagenberg, President of Trelleborg Pipe Seals.

How long have you worked with Trelleborg and what are your key duties?

I have been working in this position for eight years with a very good team of people to provide “leak free solutions” for the water and wastewater industry. I set the strategy and secure operational implementation so we meet the company’s targets.

What do you like about working with Trelleborg?

I like the international and entrepreneurial spirit of the company as well as the recently launched Excellence Initiatives, in which we try to standardize all company processes. In doing so, we hope to raise the bar to become an even more top-notch organization with the same high professional standards across all our entities.

What are some of the driving principles that steer you in your job?

To try to be better than yesterday, every day. To be faster and more customer-focused. And to constantly work on innovative solutions.

How do you see Trelleborg Pipe Seals evolving? What can we look forward to?

I believe that we will grow more into a more integrated business unit. As one, we will be able to tap into all the synergies that the business has to offer; be it in terms of talent or processes. I also hope to see us becoming quicker and more innovative than we already are. The digitalization of all aspects of business will play an increasing role in our future.

What was a highlight of the year for you?

What made me very proud this year was the opening of our new liner factory in Lithuania. We set up this factory in a record time, it is state-of-the-art, and we make beautiful products there.

Finally, what do you do in your free time?

I spend a lot of my free time with my still-young kids. We go to the football or hockey or we go sailing (which I love). After sundown, if I still have free time, I try to enjoy Amsterdam where I live. We visit a restaurant or go to the theater or other entertaining activities. And something most people don’t know: I used to sing a lot, so I still enjoy classical choir concerts.

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