The SuperSealer Stories

Donald Cherry, SuperSealer, Trelleborg
Meet “SuperSealer” Trelleborg
With an important birthday coming up this month, our March SuperSealer still feels excited coming to work each day and is deeply passionate about the future of tooling design. When he’s not relaxi...
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Karen Hayden, Trelleborg Seals & Profiles
Meet “SuperSealer” Karen Hayden
This month’s SuperSealer is an asset to the extrusion and splicing teams at Trelleborg’s Milford site in the US. While she might sing the low notes in her barbershop chorus, she speaks...
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Magnus Andersson - Trellebrog
Meet “SuperSealer” Magnus Andersson
This month’s SuperSealer is a family man and strategic thinker. Having worked with Trelleborg for more than ten years, he is perfectly placed to lead our business unit into a promising futur...
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Agnieszka Marek, Trelleborg
Meet “SuperSealer” Agnieszka Marek
December’s SuperSealer and hiking enthusiast has already reached a high point in her career, but she feels she still has farther to climb. She tells us what it’s like to manage a busy warehouse an...
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Felix Zamora, Trelleborg
Meet “SuperSealer” Félix Zamora
After nearly a decade with Trelleborg, our November SuperSealer has witnessed plenty of changes and developments during his career so far. Now, when he’s not out exploring Tijuana on his bik...
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Tim van Putten, Sales Director, Trelleborg Pipe Seals
Meet “SuperSealer” Tim van Putten
When October’s soccer-mad SuperSealer isn’t on the sports field, he has other goals on his mind. He talks about Trelleborg’s exciting future sales strategy and how, for him, it&r...
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Rafal Dziedzic, operations manager, Trelleborg
Meet “SuperSealer” Rafal Dziedzic
With manufacturing operations in Poland and the US to look after, life for our October SuperSealer is as busy as it gets. He tells us why, after 18 years at Trelleborg, he’s still striving f...
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Tim Sparrow, Trelleborg Pipe Seals
Meet “SuperSealer” Tim Sparrow
When he’s not enjoying the great outdoors, our SuperSealer for September is busy bringing Trelleborg’s solutions to customers across the Americas. He shares his vision for a digital sa...
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Rob Brockway, Director of Operations - Trelleborg Pipe Seals
Meet “SuperSealer” Rob Brockway
Whether assisting Trelleborg’s international customers with all manner of complex issues, helping to launch new product lines, or exploring new opportunities in automation and Artificial I...
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Ursula Knack - Trelleborg
Meet “SuperSealer” Ursula Knack
From dealing with hectic days to meeting unique customer requests that call for flexibility, our SuperSealer for June tells us what it’s like to be a Customer Service Representative for Trellebo...
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