The SuperSealer Stories

Andrew Marshall - Trelleborg
Meet “SuperSealer” Andrew Marshall
Having worked all around the world, our November SuperSealer loves working with customers to help meet their needs and provide them with the best materials on the market. He discusses how he helps...
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Jacky Han
Meet “SuperSealer” Jacky Han
With his key role in one of Trelleborg’s biggest markets, our September SuperSealer enjoys working with a wide range of great people from all walks of life. He discusses the importance of co...
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Per Arnqvist
Meet “SuperSealer” Per Arnqvist
Having worked at Trelleborg for more than two decades, our July SuperSealer strives to find new ways to make things better through innovation. He discusses how combining existing and emerging tech...
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Stacy Friedman, Trelleborg
Meet “SuperSealer” Stacy Friedman
When she’s not busy cheering on the Buckeyes, our May SuperSealer loves to hear the stories of Trelleborg team members from around the world. She discusses the drive to always keep improving, an...
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Trelleborg - Bernal Lopez
Meet “SuperSealer” Bernal López
With over a decade spent at Trelleborg building up to his current role, our March SuperSealer loves coming up with new ideas and trying to turn them into reality. He discusses the challenge of h...
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Lena Sundlöf - Trelleborg Seals & Profiles
Meet “SuperSealer” Lena Sundlöf
Whether it’s taking part in events with her dog or cutting through the online noise to promote our brand, our January SuperSealer loves to compete. She explains how Trelleborg’s supportive enviro...
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Irmgard Perk - SuperSealer Trelleborg
Meet “SuperSealer” Irmgard Perk
December’s SuperSealer is helping drive growth by supporting our customers in the building and construction industry. She explains how constant customer connection assists her in staying up...
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Bernhard Haass - Trelleborg - SuperSealer
Meet “SuperSealer” Bernhard Haass
November’s SuperSealer is a lifelong learner who combines 20 years of experience with an enthusiasm for new ideas and solutions. He tells us how teamwork, innovation and environmental protection ...
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Andrew Boer - Trelleborg
Meet “SuperSealer” Andrew Boer
When he’s not using pi to help his kids with their homework, our October SuperSealer is using it to affect change for the North American Sewer Collection Network. He explains how lateral li...
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Holger Zinn - Trelleborg
Meet “SuperSealer” Holger Zinn
While the market for trenchless pipe and sewer rehabilitation solutions continues to grow worldwide and with it the number of competitors, our Super Sealer of September has started his mission to ...
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