Trelleborg Cable Compounds develops, manufactures and markets semiconductive shielding materials aimed for medium voltage cable applications.

Cable Compounds

Trelleborg develops, manufactures and markets semi conductive shielding materials aimed for medium voltage cable applications.

The range of materials is designed for use in medium voltage. We supply both conductor screen for XLPE (PEX) insulation as well as EPR-insulation.
-We have thermoplastic screening compounds and thermoplastic bedding compounds.
-Our customer base covers from local companies in one country to global enterprises
-Long experience in strippable shielding materials in all markets
-Customer tailored products
-Continuous development in providing better value for customers

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Quality and Certificates

The quality of our semiconductive materials is carefully verified, by experienced personell in our well equipped laboratory. We perform the most important tests related to semiconductive shielding materials including:
- Rheology
- Mechanical properties
- Surface smoothness
- Volume resistivity
- Chemical analysis

A certificate of analysis is available upon request.

We are certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001. Our certificates can be downloaded below (pdf).

#InsideVoice – Meet Elin Klovhall

What is your main task as a compounder?
We act as support for the rest of the company on matters concerning quality, but most of our work is about compound recipes. There can be 10-15 ingredients in a rubber compound. They all affect the properties of the compound and they are all there for a reason, so you have to find the right balance to get the right properties.

How is your work organized?
I am given a compound specification from the customer, but if it’s a project to create something new it’s more of a collaboration with the customer. But the goal is always the same: to provide a compound with the qualities that the customer wants.

Are you working on any exciting projects at the moment?
Yes, several. For example, we are in the process of trying to lower the density of a sponge rubber compound. The aim is to modify the compound and make it lighter, while retaining the desired properties – and that’s certainly a challenge!

How is working on rubber compared to plastic?
Rubber is far more interesting than plastic! I worked mainly with polyethylene and all we did was heat it up, change the shape and cool it down again. Rubber is a compound, there are more ingredients and things change in the material during vulcanization – it involves more chemistry


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