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Transflex®Special pieces

Bridge expansion joints


Transflex® Special pieces


Special pieces for kerbs, walkways, skewed ends or any road contour, can be manufactured for any Transflex®model, with the purpose of providing a continuous sealing of the joint surface for a smooth transit, and to achieve an aesthetically perfect finish.
All these pieces are hand made from standard modules, with a continuous internal metallic structure, which provide the same performance as straight modules.
Every piece is designed, approved and manufactured under request.

Technical data

Elastomer properties Value Test method


62±5 Shore A

ASTM D2240

Tensile strength >160 kgs/cm2 ASTM D412/NFT 46002
Elongation at break >425% ASTM D412/NFT46002
Rubber-steel adhesion 11.8 min N/mm ASTM D429 Method B
Low temperature resistance -30°C ASTM D2137
Ozone resistance No cracks ASTM D1149 Method B25 ppcm (48 hours at 38°C)
Compression set 35% max def  ASTM D395 Method B (24 hours at 70°C)
Thermal aging <5 Shore A
- 15% Tensile strength
- 25% Elongation at break
 ASTM D 573 hot air (70 hours at 70°C)
Resilence 50%  DIN 53512
Metal component: Steel fabricated acc. ASTM Type A36 DIN 17-100 Type ST 37-2


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Transflex Special Pieces  

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