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Transflex®B7 - B75

Structural expansion joints


Transflex®B7 - B75


Designed to accommodate movements in all directions, longitudinal, transversal and vertical, of overhead structures with minimum load transmission to decks or slabs. These joints provide maximum traffic comfort and durability.
Both models are supplied in 1.75m modules to be anchored to the deck or slab, using chemically fixed anchors.
Movement is absorbed by deformation of a strong central membrane. Impact loads are absorbed by the elastomer and are not directly transmitted to the Transflex® models B7 y B75 have been specially designed to absorb vertical movements, and cover a movement range of 50mm and 75mm, respectively.
Waterproofing: in urban car parks and bridges waterproofing joints are recommended. This is achieved by inserting a continuous membrane for channeling the water, paying particular attention to areas with walls and junctions.

Main applications

•Bridge decks
•Overhead pedestrian bridges
•Multi-storey car parks

Technical data

Elastomer properties Value Test method


55±5 Shore A

ASTM D2240

Tensile strength >135kgs/cm2 ASTM D412
Elongation at break >450% ASTM D412/NFT46002
Rubber-steel adhesion 11.8 min N/mm ASTM D429 Method B
Low temperature resistance -30°C ASTM D2137
Ozone resistance No cracks ASTM D1149 Method B25 ppcm (48 hours at 38°C)
Compression set 30% max def  ASTM D395 Method B (24 hours at 70°C)
Thermal aging <15 Shore A
- 25% Tensile strength
- 40% Elongation at break
 ASTM D 573 hot air (70 hours at 70°C)
Resilence 50%  DIN 53512
Metal component: Steel fabricated acc. ASTM Type A572 S355


Product Sheet

Transflex B-7-B-75  

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Technical Drawing

Transflex B-7  

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Technical Drawing

Transflex B-75  

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