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Transflex®worldwide expansion joints

We have supplied and installed Transflex®expansion joints worldwide since 1974. The Transflex®device consist of steel reinforced rubber modules, designed to absorb the expansion, contraction, translation and rotation movements of road bridges, with remarkable comfort to traffic, effectively sealed, low maintenance and easy replacement.
The Transflex® range is supplied in modules of a given length and they are anchored to both sides of the structural joint.
All Transflex® models offer the possibility to make special pieces for kerbs, walkways, correction of skewed joints and other contours.  In this way, the continuity of the seal is ensured.  


Type of Transflex®
Movement absorbtion Type of movement

50 - 380 mm

Longitudinal - Transverse - Vertical

 High movement 400 - 1600 mm Longitudinal - Vertical
 Seismic 350 - 1440 mm Longitudinal - Transverse - Vertical
 B7 - B75 50 - 75 mm Longitudinal - Transverse - Vertical
 Transflex®Special Pieces

Product range


Features, Benefits and Service


  • The rubber covers the steel reinforcement that entails a double benefit: the rubber protects the metallic part from corrosion and the steel reinforces the device structure.
  • The rubber used is highly resistant to wear produced by tyres, to impacts and weather. Transflex® devices are designed to endure with time.
  • The joint design includes drain channels that provide quick water removal preventing water stagnation. This delays the aging of the joint and reduces the possibility of accidents.
  • Quick and simple installation. There is no need to use heavy machinery for the installation of new joints or replacing worn out joints. 
  • Special pieces for kerbs and walkways are designed, welded and cured to measure, according to the bridge contour, which ensures its uniformity and aesthetics.


  • Impact loads are perfectly absorbed by the device.
  • Provide comfortable traffic over the joint without impairing vehicle damping.
  • Ensure quit rolling traffic.
  • Outstanding endurance.
  • Possibility to accommodate to skewed movements.
  • Great capacity to absorb seismic movements.
  • Easy and quick installation in case of replacement of worn out joints.
  • Low maintenance costs as it is practically nil.
  • Rolling traffic helps self cleaning of the device.
  • Replacement of damaged parts takes little time, with minimum service interruption for bridge users.
  • Short delivery time. We have stock of our standard Transflex® modules.


  • Advice in the selection of the most adequate device.
  • Fabrication and supply of the expansion joint
  • Installation or installation supervision of the expansion joint.
  • Maintenance work and replacement of the joint when appropriate.
  • After sale service.
  • Technical support along the entire process: device selection, design, fabrication, installation and replacement.

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