Knowledge sharing


Knowledge Sharing at OTC

At Trelleborg, we are committed to sharing our polymer expertise and knowledge with the industry and welcome the opportunity to speak at industry events such as OTC. We believe that sharing knowledge is vital for the future of the industry because these discussions and presentations allow the industry and our community to learn from mistakes and build on our successes. This year my colleague Collin Gaskill and I will present technical papers during the OTC conference. 

I will be presenting a technical paper titled “Re-Shaping LNG Transfer” on Monday April 30 at 14:00 in room 602 as part of the session on FLNG and Gas Monetization - Innovative Processing and Design.

Collin Gaskill, Product Development Engineer with Trelleborg’s offshore operation will be presenting two technical papers at the conference. The first is titled “VIV-Mitigating Buoyancy Module Performance Characterization Using Computational Fluid Dynamics” on Wednesday, May 2 at 09:30 in room 600 as part of the session on Applications of Computational Fluid Dynamics in Offshore Engineering.

The second technical paper is titled “Technology Qualification of Deepwater Transport Shuttle Adjustable Buoyancy System” which Collin will present on Wednesday, May 2 at 14:00 in room 600 as part of the session on Metocean Advances.

We look forward to seeing you in these conference sessions and at our stand!

Vincent Lagarrigue 

Director, Oil & Marine Hoses