Gearing up for OTC

Gearing up for OTC

"We are gearing up for OTC 2018 and I could not be more excited. This year OTC starts its 50th-year celebration that will culminate in 2019. With a yearlong celebration starting at OTC 2018, who would not be excited? This year, Trelleborg will also be joining in the celebration as we have participated in OTC for 45 years!

As part of Trelleborg event planning committee, we have been working on the new layout for our new location, stand 3227. We are finalizing the product models, stand graphics and on stand events. Our theme this year is ‘Going the Distance: Connecting our past to the future’ which incorporates the OTC theme with our own flair. We will be launching a timeline to taking a birds-eye look at how the industry, OTC, and Trelleborg have evolved over time and how we can work together to build a bright future.

We are inviting Ange Hillz to create another masterpiece, which you can watch him create live on the show floor! In addition, we will have some other fun on stand events that you should be on the lookout for. Be sure to check back for my next blog post covering travel tips for visiting Houston!"

Jo Shailes

Vice President Marketing