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Njord Polymat

Do you need to protect and stabilize new cables and pipelines in subsea environments? Risk of damage through abrasion or crushing when crossing existing lines is a challenge.

Watch this exclusive presentation by Andrew Dearden, Sales Manager to find out how our subsea asset protection solution can help your business.

Mobile Production Unit

Trelleborg Offshore's Mobile Production Unit (MPU) is a mobile coating facility that carry out onsite coating of Corrosion Protection, Thermal Insulation and Passive Fire Protection. The MPU performs at every level as it can be mobilized in a short time frame and transported globally.

Tri-Strakes™ Lite

Sitting alongside our range of Tri-Strakes™, Tri-Strakes™ Lite are a high quality, cost-effective VIV suppression system consisting of overlapping and interlocking moldings, with three-start helical strakes to provide an effective triangular or trapezoidal strake profile.


NjordGuard™ is an innovative protection system designed and developed to protect offshore windfarm power cables in both monopile and J-tube applications.

Standardized Buoyancy Modules

The modular design of our revolutionary Standardized Buoyancy Modules allows smaller elements to be stacked together, enabling the customer to tailor uplift requirements as specified as needed for each project.

Floatover Solutions

Our comprehensive polymer solutions for the float over installation process are utilized for energy absorption, vibration reduction and movement tolerance.  The critical nature of a float over process demands only the highest performing solutions, and we spare no expense in pinpoint engineering and stringently testing our technology.

Meet the Team

Learn how at Trelleborg Offshore we work closely with each part of the supply chain to deliver high performance offshore solutions at every level. From Engineering through to project management, we have products and services available to suit your needs and ensure that your project is a success. We value our agents and distributors network and how they can support Trelleborg Offshore and our customers.

Trelleborg Offshore Industries

Next Level Industry Report - 2017

The ever changing oil and gas industry is going through a challenging period. We surveyed hundreds of oil and gas experts to understand their thoughts on the current oil and gas industry.
The Next Level survey responses reveal that businesses from every level of the oil and gas market are not compromising on safety. Whilst upfront savings seem appealing when every penny counts, facilities spend more on a project upfront to ensure longevity and less upgrades in the future, given the current downturn; 63% look for one supplier to provide multiple projects and services.

Mediterranean Subsea Water Pipeline

Believed to be a world-first, the Mediterranean Subsea Water Pipeline will be installed 250 meters below the water level. The reliability and efficiency of Trelleborg buoyancy modules used to suspend the pipe are a key element of the project. With our team of expert engineers and applicators, we paid particular attention to safe handling, planning and good communications to keep the project running smoothly. We were able to deliver exactly what was required, within the lead times while keeping reliability, safety and sustainability front of mind.

Next Level Industry Report - 2015

Below you can access our Next Level Report, which identifies ways in which the offshore industry can respond to growing pressures, created by the low crude oil prices. You can also watch videos from Trelleborg Offshore's roundtable, where members analyze findings from the report itself.

Next Level Report

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We sea, damp and protect critical applications in demanding environments.