Improving functionality by reducing installation time

 Superior Solutions for Critical Applications 

As a world leader in engineered polymer solutions that seal, damp and protect critical applications in demanding environments, Trelleborg is uniquely equipped to develop innovative solutions to meet demanding customer requirements. 

By improving the functionality of our installation tools, we are able to provide wide-ranging benefits such as enhanced performance, reduced downtime, greater ease-of-use and improved safety for our customers. 

Survey Says 

Trelleborg’s unique installation tool technology is both lighter and safer when compared with competitors’ products, meaning that no accidents or incidents have occurred during any campaigns. 

Operated by remote control and requiring only a single operator for the entire clamp installation process, Trelleborg’s tool is the most reliable and efficient, field proven solution available on the market.

Lighter, Quicker, Safer 

Working with our partners to deeply understand and improve the installation routine of Njord DBMs (Distributed Buoyancy Modules), the Trelleborg research and development department designed and manufactured an internal clamp installation tool that is 4 times lighter compared to any other internal clamp installation tool available on the market. 

“We know the important role high performance installation tools play in terms of safety, time and cost for our customers. Our innovative internal clamp installation tool ensures a faster and safer installation of our Njord DBMs anywhere in the world, reducing safety concerns and costs for our customers.” 

Bruno Matos – Commercial and Business Development Manager, Trelleborg Offshore.

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