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The Petrobras P-58 FPSO, which operates on the Baleia Azul field in the Parque das Baleias area, north of the Campos Basin in Brazil, is moored 48 miles / 78 km offshore in a water depth of 4,593 feet / 1,400 meters, and is expected to last 25 years. Oil production, which commenced in March 2014, comes from 19 satellite wells connected individually to the unit.

State of the art solutions as standard
Trelleborg won a contract to provide 25 polyurethane (PU) vertebrae bend restrictor assemblies for static flowlines on the field development and production expansion of the Parque das Baleias oil field.

Trelleborg was awarded the contract by leading flexible pipe manufacturer, NOV Flexibles, following the successful completion of a project to provide 83 polyurethane bend stiffeners for 6 and 4 inch / 15 and 10cm dynamic risers in the first phases of the project.

All the solutions were tested in accordance with NORSOK, DNV and customer specific standards.
Proven polymer performance
Using polyurethane restrictors brings a number of significant benefits when compared with steel. Installation and maintenance of the assembly is less time-consuming and more cost-effective, with significantly lower whole life cost, as plastic does not corrode or have to be protected using platings, paint and anodes. It also has a greatly reduced weight, making it neutrally buoyant in water. This means there is considerably less stress applied to the flowline and adjacent parts of the subsea structure during both installation and service.

To prevent pipes from overbending at the interface between flexible and rigid structures, Bending Restrictors are often installed. Trelleborg’s bend restrictors are made up of a number of interlocking elements which react when subjected to an external load, locking together to form a smooth curved radius. This radius is chosen to be equal to or greater than the minimum bend radius of the pipe that it is applied to. Once the elements have locked together, the bending moment present is transferred into the elements and back through a specially designed steel interface structure into the adjacent rigid connection, therefore protecting the pipe from potentially damaging loads.

“Securing this contract is another major achievement in an important growth region for Trelleborg. As well as recently opening a new manufacturing facility in the heart of Brazil’s oil and gas community, Macaé, steel restrictors have been the status quo for riser projects in offshore Brazil for many years and having our proven polyurethane technology adopted for a major contract in the area is very encouraging.”
Richard Beesley, Business Group Director for Trelleborg Offshore in Brazil
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Global expertise, local presence 
In recent years, Trelleborg has prioritized expansion of its market coverage in selected countries outside Western Europe and North America, such as Brazil. The principal drivers include proximity to customers in expanding and profitable segments, following them in their globalization processes and developing local customer relationships.

Officially opened in September 2012, Trelleborg’s facility in Brazil is located in the coastal city of Macaé, which is approximately 112 miles / 180 kilometers north of Rio de Janeiro. It develops, manufactures and supplies Trelleborg’s complete offshore product portfolio, including a wide range of high performance polymer-based solutions for offshore topside and subsea oil and gas exploration, such as insulation tape and buoyancy products. To support offshore customers in their quest to reach greater subsea depths, the 7,000 meters squared / 75,347 feet squared facility boasts one of the largest hydrostatic pressure testing vessels in the world.
“Receiving an LMO license is an important step for Trelleborg, one which completes the startup of Trelleborg’s manufacturing facility for offshore products and enables us to commence local production.”
Richard Beesley, Business Group Director for Trelleborg Offshore in Brazil