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Insulation Covers

Where cold spots occur in areas such as flanges, terminations or connections, subsea insulation covers are required. Trelleborg Offshore designs and manufactures insulation covers using materials from our well established and qualified Vikotherm™ thermal insulation range.

Tailored design

Trelleborg can design and manufacture insulation covers to meet almost any size or requirement necessary to satisfy the needs of the project.

Suitable for high temperature applications

Vikotherm™ materials that can accommodate all combinations of temperature and water depth encountered in today’s offshore environment.

Range of installation methods

Designed for topside, subsea installation by ROV or by diver.

Submerged weight control

Target submerged weight achieved by combination of materials, adding ballast or buoyancy where required.

Key Applications

Flowline end termination point

Riser termination point

Connection s along a  rigid or flexible pipeline

Proprietary connection systems


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