Mining and Excavation Buoyancy

Mining & excavation buoyancy

The discovery and recovery of mineral rich deposits on the global ocean floors requires large and complex machines capable of extracting these materials and returning them to the surface. The deposits are found in deep water environments and machines capable of operating in deep and ultra-deep water require high performance composite materials that can provide buoyancy with long term performance. Trelleborg Eccofloat™ syntactic foam systems can be custom built into buoyancy modules for just such applications. The reduced density of Eccofloat™ enables smaller more compact buoyancy modules, which provide increased uplift (buoyancy) with reduced in air weight, thereby enabling smaller handling systems. With many of the mining vehicles being controlled via umbilical’s, the requirement to support the weight of the umbilical and keep it clear of the vehicle track system requires Linksyn®and Linksyn®HD. A vertebrae based interlocking buoyant bend restrictor system. Eccofloat™ is also used in Umbilical and Recovery Hose Floatation

Continuous vertebrate buoyancy and bend control

Generic designs

Generic design can be modified to suit the customer requirements

Reduces weight on large subsea vehicles

High performance low density buoyancy system

Protects the umbilical

Designed to keep the umbilical away from the underside of vehicle tracks

Key Applications

To meet our customers' needs, our cutting-edge solutions can be used for the below application

Bend control systems on cables and umbilicals

Subsea vehicles

Umbilical Buoyancy

Buoyancy for submersibles

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