Riser Protection - Trelleborg Offshore

Riser Protection

Riser Protection protects people, structures and equipment from all types of fire and corrosion in offshore environments, including protecting the riser itself. In the demanding offshore environment Riser Protection is paramount to ensuring on-board safety.

Riser Clamp Coating
  • Prevents damage to riser pipes and riser clamps
  • Can be applied with a flat or ribbed profile
  • Field coating available
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Riser Corrosion Protection
  • Significant elasticity
  • Anti-fouling
  • Cathodic disbondment
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Riser Pipe Coating and Lining
  • Chemically bonded to surfaces, stronger than mechanical bonds
  • Elastomer layers can last the lifetime of the jacket
  • Engineered to specifically protect against sea and weather conditions
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Riser Passive Fire Protection, Topside Riser Protection
Riser Passive Fire Protection
  • Jet and Hydrocarbon fire resistant (up to 2 hours)
  • Type approved
  • Maintenance free
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Riser Shims
  • Economic protective cover
  • Same OD & geometry as buoyancy
  • Impact resistant
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Riser Guard, Riser Protection, Trelleborg Offshore
  • Complete protection of bare riser joint and external lines
  • Same geometry as buoyancy
  • Abrasion resistant
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Riser Guard provides complete protection of bare riser joints and external lines during handling, storage, and drilling operations.
Stackable RiserGuard
  • Complete protection of bare riser joint and external lines
  • Same outer diameter & geometry as buoyancy
  • Stackable
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