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Shock Cells

Our Shock Cell consists of 2 steel tubes and a rubber layer connecting both tubes. When a vessel berths at an oil and gas platform, the impact load of the contacting vessel is absorbed by axial deflection and rotation of the Shock Cell.

The core components of the berthing system play an important role in ensuring the safety of berthing vessels. The damper unit of a berthing system contains two steel pipes with a rubber layer between them. The shock absorbing unit needs to be used in combination with an Eccentric Bumper Ring (EBR) and a barge enclosure. When a vessel is docked at an offshore oil and gas platform, the axial deflection and rotation of the damping unit absorbs the impact load of the vessel. 

The kinetic energy generated by the impact is absorbed and dissipated as heat energy. When subjected to shear and tension, the reaction force of the rubber component of the damper unit is reduced. This load becomes smaller and the vessel can be safely berthed without damaging the platform structure. 

We tightly bond rubber and steel together during the manufacturing process to ensure that the applied load is safely dispersed and reduced to avoid damage to the platform. We use the unique properties of rubber to deflect vertical and lateral impacts and withstand the design stresses imposed by the barge and the ship on the platform. 

With its own damping effect, rubber can withstand overload shocks and avoid damage.

Absorb impact energy by axial deflection and rotation 

Resist high overload without damage

Low maintenance

Key Applications

Offshore Platform Jacket structure


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