Grout Packers - Jacket - Topside

Grout Packers

Inflatable grouting packers provide a reliable and robust seal between the ID of the jacket/skirt and the OD of the driven pile. When fully inflated by a gas or liquid, it seals the annulus to ensure there is no leakage when grout is injected between the pile and leg.

Used to prevent mortar leakage during grouting of offshore oil and gas platform infrastructure. The aerated grout packers creates a reliable and secure seal between the inner diameter of the jacket/skirt and the outer diameter of the driven pile. When fully filled with gas or liquid, the grout packer seals the annular gap, ensuring that no leakage occurs after grouting between the pile and the leg. Trelleborg grout packers are made of reinforced rubber and are subject to strict quality control in pressure testing and weld inspection. This careful design and manufacturing process ensures perfect sealing and proper slurry solidification.

Provides reliable sealing between Jacket ID and Pile OD

Supply in different sizes up to 108 inch Pile OD 

Hydrostatic tested to 1.5 times of the operating pressure 

Easy to install 

Key Applications

Offshore Platform Jacket structure

Skirt sleeves 


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