Helical Buoyancy

Helically Grooved Buoyancy

Helically grooved buoyancy is the result of a joint development between Trelleborg Offshore and Diamond Offshore Drilling to integrate vortex-induced vibration (VIV) suppression and drag reduction with drill riser buoyancy, increasing rig efficiency without compromising on safety or structural integrity. Helically grooved buoyancy design dimensions are optimized to ensure uncompromised uplift while effectively eliminating riser motions and higher levels of drag in onerous offshore current environments compared to traditional riser buoyancy. The new multi-functional solution integrates the technology to suppress VIV and reduce drag into DRBM equipment during manufacturing, essentially eliminating the requirement of ancillary suppression equipment, alleviating complicated and time intensive riser running and retrieval procedures.

Reduction of drag

Optimized to ensure uplift while effectively eliminating riser motions and higher levels of drag in onerous offshore current environments.    


Reduces riser motion

 Limits the number and magnitude of strain cycles transferred to subsea equipment, decreasing fatigue loading and extending service life.    

Robust VIV suppression

Joint handling times during deployment and retrieval are equivalent to traditional buoyancy designs, resulting in increased personal safety and a higher efficiency, more robust solution.     

Uncompromised Uplift

The minimal removal of material associated with the Helical Buoyancy design corresponds to only a 2-3% buoyancy loss, which is easily recovered.   

Key applications

To meet our customers' needs, our cutting-edge solution can be used for the below application.

Marine Drilling Risers

Intervention Risers


Long Pipeline Spans

Production Risers


Flow Lines

Power Cables

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Helical Buoyancy

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