Used to prepare large buoyancy modules

Various grades

Block form or custom molded shapes available

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Remotely operated vehicles (ROV)


Trim adjustment modules for submarines

Acoustic windows

Unmanned and manned vehicles

Sonar domes

The Making of the Deep Submergence Vehicle (DSV) Limiting Factor - A Documentary by Nick Verola
This film details the design and construction of the first commercially-certified submersible capable of repeated dives to the very bottom of the ocean -- Challenger Deep. The film takes you behind the scenes to understand the difficulties in designing and building it, and the international team that made it happen. 
This video is courtesy of Triton Submarines, Caledon Oceanic and Verola Media

Eccofloat® TG

Eccofloat® EL

Eccofloat® DG

Eccofloat® DS

Eccofloat® Syntactic Foam Typical Properties

Imperial Range
North America materials
Metric Range
Rest of the world (not available in North America)