Odin SC (Shock Cell) & Odin FP (Fender Post)

Odin SC (Shock Cell) & Odin FP (Fender Post)

The core components of the berthing system play an important role in ensuring the safety of berthing vessels. The damper unit of a berthing system contains two steel pipes with a rubber layer between them. The shock absorbing unit needs to be used in combination with an Eccentric Bumper Ring (EBR) and a barge enclosure. When a platform supply vessel is docked at an offshore oil and gas platform, the axial deflection and rotation of the damping unit absorbs the impact load of the vessel. The kinetic energy generated by the impact is absorbed and dissipated as heat. When subjected to shear and compression, the reaction force of the rubber component of the damper unit is reduced. This load becomes smaller and the vessel can be safely berthed without damaging the platform structure.

Steel and rubber are chemically bonded together during the manufacturing process to ensure that max applied kinetic energy is safely absorbed. Rubber physical and chemical properties are important for producing a high quality Shock Cell to withstand axial, shear and rotation effects.

Our Odin SC (Shock Cell) consists of 2 steel tubes and a rubber layer that chemically bonded both tubes. both tubes.

Our Odin FP (Fender Post) are used in conjunction with our Odin SC (Shock Cells), composed of high-quality steel, these Odin FPs are mounted onto the Odin SC and when come into direct contact with any berthing vessels, the impact load will be safely absorbed, providing essential protection to the offshore structure and vessel. 

Absorb impact energy by axial deflection and rotation 

Resist high overload without damage

Low maintenance

Offering a complete Boat Landing System solution

Key Applications

Offshore platform jacket substructure

Wind Farm Monopile

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Barge Bumper

Odin FP (Fender Post)

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Shock Cell

Odin SC (Shock Cell)