Odin RS (Rub Strips)

Odin RS (Rub Strips)

Boat landings for offshore oil and gas jacket are built to absorb the impact energy from berthing boats or vessels. The Boat Landing System consists primarily of the Eccentric Bumper Ring (EBR), Shock Cell and a Rub Strip. It plays the important role of protecting the jacket and vessel when they are berthing, while resisting the harsh environments at sea and operating in even the most severe weather. On impact by a berthing vessel, the steel surface of the barge bumpers or rubber surface of the Rub Strips transfers the load to the EBRs and the Shock Cells.

Kinetic energy is absorbed and dissipated as heat and a smaller reaction force against the vessel by the rubber as it undergoes shear and compression. The kinetic energyis therefore reduced, and the vessel can berth without damaging the platform structure. The strong bonding achieved between the rubber and the steel during the manufacturing process ensures that this arrangement will safely dissipate kinetic energy and reduce damage to the platform.

Rub Strips are mainly installed at the contact point between the berthing system of the offshore oil and gas platform and the mooring. In this way, it helps to safely absorb the impact loads of the berthing vessel; providing the necessary protection to the offshore structure and ensures that the vessel is not damaged by the impact loads.

Our Odin RS (Rub Strips) are made of high-quality rubber that is designed to absorb impact energy and is free from maintenance once installed. To ensure that our customers’ needs are met, we can manufacture Odin RS with a variety of profiles to suit different environments. The profile can be solid or hollow and has a variety of mounting options.

Provides energy absorption to prevent damage of metal structure

Solid or hollow shape profiles

Low friction, durable and easy to install

Key Applications

Offshore Platform Jacket structure


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Odin RS (Rub Strips)



The Odin RS adopts a simple and durable design