Odin RS (Rub Strips)

Odin RS (Rub Strips)

The Odin RS is a special piece of rubber, which is mainly installed at the contact point between the berthing system of the offshore oil and gas platform and the mooring. When the vessel is berthed, the impact is applied to the rubber strip to avoid damage to any metal components. Our high-quality rubber components are designed to safely absorb the impact loads of berthing vessels. 

To ensure that our customers' needs are met, we manufacture rubber strips with a variety of profiles to suit different environments. The profile can be solid or hollow and has a variety of mounting options for the user to mount to the jacket leg/structure. 

The rubber strip adopts a simple and durable design, and we can also add anti-corrosion, anti-fouling and weather-resistant features to meet the different needs of users.

Provides energy absorption to prevent damage of metal structure

Solid or hollow shape profiles

Low friction, durable and easy to install

Key Applications

Offshore Platform Jacket structure FPSO / FLNG