Odin RP (Riser Pipe Coating & Lining)

Odin RP (Riser Pipe Coating & Lining)

Elastomer coating on risers as a form of corrosion protection is an extremely popular solution with owners of oil & gas platforms. It is widely recognized in the offshore industry as the most effective method of riser corrosion protection particularly in the highly corrosive splashzone region.

There are two common elastomeric coatings on the market today: polychloroprene (neoprene) and EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer). Trelleborg can add a variety of protective properties to your elastomer coating based on your protection needs. For example, an antifouling coating can be added to the elastomer to inhibit the attachment and growth of marine organisms. The specific method is to chemically bond a piece of Cu/Ni 90/10 alloy plate with the elastomer, or spray Cu/Ni 90/10 particles on the chloroprene plate, and then chemically bond with the riser rubber coating. 

Our services include on-site installations around the world. With specialized equipment and high performance elastomers, we can achieve on-site vulcanization. Our staff are qualified for offshore operations and have all necessary safety and marine survival certification/training. We have more than 20 years of service history in the offshore industry, and our track record makes us a preferred coating service provider. We have the ability to provide elastomer coatings anywhere in the world.

Service temperature up to 130oC

Excellent mechanical properties

UV, Ozone and Water resistance

Anti-fouling coating to inhibit marine growth

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