Odin RCC (Riser Clamp Coating)

Odin RCC (Riser Clamp Coating)

Riser clamps are frequently internally coated with an elastomeric polymer, to prevent damage to the riser clamp and the riser pipes during installation and operation. As the Riser Pipes may move about due to sea swell or weather conditions, the impact of this motion will be mitigated by the riser clamp coating.

The most common type of elastomer in this case is polychloroprene (neoprene); it is resistant to hydrocarbons and harsh marine environments, especially in the splash zone. important. The elastomeric coating can be either flat/glossy or ribbed. It can be bonded by cold bonding (gluing) or by hot bonding (vulcanization). Our professional team is highly trained to provide on-site coating services. The user can also choose to send the pipe clamp to us for coating, then install it offshore.

Prevent damage to riser pipes during installation and operation

Ribbed or Flat rubber profiles option

In-situ coating application

Key Applications

Anchors clamps

Guided clamps