Odin KFP (King Fender Post)

Odin KFP (King Fender Post)

King Fender Posts are used in conjunction with our Shock Cells. Composed of high quality steel, these Fender Posts are mounted onto the Shock Cells and come into direct contact with any berthing vessel or barge.

Due to the non-deformable nature of steel, large retaining piles are most commonly used for small vessels (these vessels are usually fitted with fenders on the hull) as their berthing system. Trelleborg insists on the manufacture of these sturdy guard piles from its own factories. In addition, we also offer many other special services. We can use finite element analysis to simulate the performance of the pile under adverse sea conditions and weather conditions. It is “tailor-made” in design to meet stringent performance specifications. Our engineering team will also consider the ship's displacement, berthing speed, uneven impact load, tidal level and many other factors to ensure the performance of large piles.

Used with Shock Cells

Offering a complete Boat Landing System solution

Key Applications

Offshore Platform Jacket structure