Odin CP (Corrosion Protection)

Odin CP (Corrosion Protection)

In the offshore industry, offshore oil and gas platforms are constantly exposed to the demanding and volatile offshore environments. Structures which are installed in the offshore environments must be built to withstand the harsh offshore environments to ensure on-board safety and safe operation.

Hence, whenever the steel is exposed to corrosion; it can be protected with a robust rubber lining. A platform’s riser pipes can be protected from corrosion by applying elastomer coating. Elastomer coating is widely recognized in the offshore industry as the most effective method of riser corrosion protection, particularly in the highly corrosive splash zone region.Our Odin CP (Corrosion Protection) uses elastomers which are chemically resistant to most corrosive liquids, gases, salt water, ozone and UV-light; all corrosive agents commonly encountered in the offshore sector. In general, whenever steel is exposed to corrosion, it can be protected with elastomer lining.

Because of its elasticity and strength, elastomer wears extremely well. It provides excellent protection against sharp and abrasive particles, including mechanical impact protection.


Service temperature range -50°C/-58°F to 155°C/311°F

High resistance

High abrasion, chemical, wear, blast, impact, jet fire, ozone, UV and water resistant.

Corrosion protection

Chemically bonded to substrate with excellent HISC corrosion protection.

Many rubber options

Natural rubber, Hard Natural Rubber, Polycloroprene (neoprene),  EPDM, Butyl, Hypalon,  and Butadiene.

Key Applications

Ballast water tanks

Deaerator tanks

Salt water spools


Riser pipes

Stilling tubes

Platform legs

Platform braces

ESD valves



Manifold piping

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Steel can be protected with a robust rubber lining anywhere it is exposed to corrosion.

Odin CP (Corrosion Protection)

Elstopipe Installation

Maintenance, Modification and Operations

From passive fire protection solutions to its Elastopipe™ piping system, Trelleborg Offshore has developed a portfolio of solutions serving maintenance and modification across the oil and gas industry for green and brownfield projects.