Odin PEP Pipe Penetration

Odin PEP (Pipe Penetration)

Odin PEP protects the pipe from impact forces, mechanical damage and people from steel cut edges on pipes. It can be used as an end cap to protect matter from either entering or exiting the pipe and material is extremely robust against weather, sun, ice, mechanical destruction and multitude of chemicals.

Tailored specifications

Pipe End Protectors can fit any pipe

High resistance

High abrasion, blast, impact, jet fire, ozone, UV,  most solvents  and seawater resistant


Excellent mechanical and wear protection

Pipe closure

Ensures pipes do not get contaminated by algae, vegetation, salt, sand, snow, animals or other foreign objects

Key Applications

New beveled pipes or tubes

Cut pipes or tubes

Old piping


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Technical specifications

View Odin PEP specifications

  Examples of pipe end protection assortment
D, PEP Outer diameter
H1, PEP height
D2, PEP Inner diameter

  Name D [mm] H1 [mm] D2 [mm] Dim
  PEP 2 80.3 100 60.3 2"
  PEP 3 108.9 100 88.9 3"
  PEP 4 134.3 100 114.3 4"
  PEP 6 188.2 140 168.2 6"
  PEP 8 239 140 219 8"
  PEP 10 293 140 273 10"
  PEP 12 343.8 140 323.8 12"
  PEP 14 375.6 140 355.6 14"
Elstopipe Installation

Maintenance, Modification and Operations

From passive fire protection solutions to its Elastopipe™ piping system, Trelleborg Offshore has developed a portfolio of solutions serving maintenance and modification across the oil and gas industry for green and brownfield projects.