Odin SSF (Sway & Surge Fenders)

Odin SSF (Sway & Surge Fenders)

Sway and surge fenders are used to limit the motion of the barge within the confines of the jacket slot and reduce the transport barge's impact loads on the jacket legs, especially as it moves forward or sideways during the mating operation.

Our fenders help to limit the movement of the barge in the jacket of the jacket and reduce the impact load of the barge on the legs of the jacket, especially the forward or lateral movements that occur during coupling operations. This helps avoid collisions and damage to the foundation, barges and upper blocks.  The fender adopts special rubber parts, which can absorb the power energy brought by the barge movement and relieve the impact of the barge on the foundation structure, thus preventing damage between each other and satisfying the design safety spacing. 

Limit the movement of the transportation barge during ballasting operation

Protect against damage arising from potential impact

Easy to install and removal after float over operation

Key Applications

Offshore Platform Jacket structure

Transportation barge