Odin LMU (Leg Mating Units)

Odin LMU (Leg Mating Units)

Odin LMUs are steel structures incorporating engineered elastomeric pads capable of absorbing immense loads that are installed in the topside or the substructure. When a barge carrying a topside arrives at the installation site, the topside's weight is transferred from the barge to the substructure, causing vertical compression to occur on the LMUs.

The LMU is mainly used in the coupling process of the floating project.

The LMU is constructed of steel and is installed in the upper platform block or foundation structure of a shallow water platform. At the same time, the engineering elastomer pad are added to absorb a large amount of load. When a barge carries the upper block of the platform to the installation site, it needs to travel between the legs of the jacket and carry out the ballast operation. In this way, the upper block of the platform will slowly fall onto the jacket. As the weight of the upper block moves from the barge to the infrastructure, vertical pressure is created on the LMU.

The elastomeric pad in the LMU absorbs the static and dynamic forces of the superstructure and relieves the horizontal forces generated by the sea surface movement during the floating coupling operation. LMUs can be tailored to different projects, with the highest engineering levels and subjected to rigorous testing for performance guarantees. For any floating project, the LMU is a key component. Designed and built to the highest standards, we have applied to many projects around the world, and have been proven in reliability and quality.

Assist in the transfer of static & dynamic load from the barge ferrying the topsides to the substructure during floatover operation

Install Large platform topside without the use of a heavy lift crane vessel

Full Scale Testing Compression Load up to 18,300MT

More cost effective and reduce installation lead time

Key Applications

Offshore Topside platform