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Elastopipe™ is a patented flexible piping system developed for transporting a variety of fluids and is known for its corrosion-free, explosion, impact and jet fire resistant properties. This next generation piping system uses synthetic rubber instead of traditional materials and incorporates the only piping material approved for offshore deluge systems that has survived sequential explosion, impact and jet fire testing.

Find out where Elastopipe™ has been installed, what a day in the life of an Elastopipe™ engineer looks like and the successes over the last 20 years.

Where in the world is Elastopipe™ installed?

Elastopipe™ is currently live and installed in 17 countries across the globe.

South America




UK, Norway, Denmark & The Netherlands


Ivory Coast & Gabon

Asia & Middle East

UAE, Qatar, Brunei, Singapore & Korea

North & Central America

Canada, USA  & Mexico


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The history of Elastopipe™ in photos