Odin MB (Module Bearings for FPSO/FLNG)

Odin MB (Module Bearings for FPSO/FLNG)

Our Odin MB (Module Bearings for FPSO /FLNG) is a solution suitable for any application where heavy loads need to be controlled, dampened or protected. These are laminated rubber bearings and are installed between the hull stools and its modules on the vessel. They are used to accommodate axial, shear and rotational movement. It plays a big role in relieving load movement or noise reduction.

We use advanced modelling techniques such as Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to predict the stress versus strain characteristics and study the fatigue life of our bearings.

Our flexible rubber bearings are designed and manufactured to meet your requirements and needs. The rubber bearings are flexible support points used in structures to handle vertical, horizontal or rotation loads. The result is an elastic link between solid structures, which reduces material fatigue, distributes load and dampens vibration. The bearings can carry very large loads while providing flexibility. The bearings are often steel-lined and are designed to accommodate axial motions, as well as displacement and rotational movements in many different designs. Rubber and steel are vulcanized together in layers to form these bearings.

A variety of high to medium load bearings can be manufactured to suit all specifications. Our Odin MBs are commonly used in offshore oil and gas industries - particularly in ships such as FPSOs and FLNGs production and storage units. Our Odin MBs provide the necessary vibration isolation for the processing modules on these vessels and with our specially formulated elastomer compound, it has resistance to oil-based process liquids.

Design to accommodate axial, shear and rotational movement

Reduce stress and strain characteristics between hull and module support

Design Life of more than 30 years

More cost effective and maintenance free against Pot bearing

Option to insulate against H-60 fire rating

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Odin MB (Module Bearings for FPSO/ FLNG)