Vikotherm®S1 (Silicone)

Vikotherm® S1 Silicone

Vikotherm® S1 sets a new standard  in insulation performance based on advanced, non-syntactic silicone technology. Vikotherm® S1 does not rely on glass microspheres giving it improved joint strength, increased heat capacity, long-term flexibility and resistance to hydrostatic collapse.

Operating temperature

Operating temperature range from -40°C to +135°C / -40°F to 275°F

Tensile strength

Tensile strength +5MPa, Tensile strength is maintained at joining

High elongation

High elongation +300%

Low thermal conductivity

Thermal conductivity 0.2W/m.K

Key Applications

Insulation covers/dog houses

Jumpers and spool pieces

Subsea structures, Manifolds & Subsea trees, PLETs and  PLEMs

Risers & Flowlines


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Vikotherm™ S1 is Trelleborg’s commitment to helping you ensure optimal high pressure and high temperature flow performance.

Vikotherm® S1

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