Vikotherm® R3 (Rubber)

Vikotherm® R3 (Rubber)

Vikotherm® R3 is the next generation, high performance subsea thermal insulation material within the Trelleborg Vikotherm® range. Vikotherm® R3 boasts a unique blend of commercial rubbers, providing unlimited water depth capability and performance in high temperatures up to 180°C. The material is flexible with excellent adhesion performance, providing durability when applied onto anti-corrosion coatings and bare metals. With minimal up front engineering and design time, faster application rates and simple site mobilization, Vikotherm® R3 is a competitive industry solution. Vikotherm® R3 is idea for customers requiring low heat loss, extended cool-down time and rapid, flexible application using high levels of in-country content. Trelleborg ensures the design promotes stability and long term reliability of thermal insulation systems which allows for the end user to optimize production, decreasing processing costs.


Over 200% elongation

High temperature performance

Optimized for high temperature insulation and performance

High adhesion strength

High adhesion to paints and primed steels

Water depth capability

Unlimited water depth proves the materials high resilience

Key Applications

Pipeline end terminations (PLETs) manifolds 

Subsea trees and manifolds

Risers and flowlines

Jumpers and spool pieces

Vikotherm® R3

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