Vikotherm® PP (Thermoplastics)

Vikotherm® PP (Thermoplastics)

Vikotherm® PP is a thermoplastic thermal insulation and corrosion protection system that was recently added to complement the Vikotherm® range of thermal insulation materials. With an excellent combination of resilience, thermal performance and chemical stability, this system is used at extreme depths and temperatures in demanding subsea environments. When combined with an integral high quality FBE corrosion coating, the system can be applied as a thin film using spray techniques, or as a thick coating using injection molded technology. Vikotherm® PP is typically used on pipes, bends, goosenecks and spools, but can also be used on a wide range of structures and specialty items.

Operating Temperatures

40ºC - 150ºC

Corrosion and mechanical protection, plus thermal insulation, in one coating

Excellent dimensional reliability

Resistance to impact loads and cracking

Thermal shock resistant

Very low water uptake

Key Applications

To meet our customers' needs, our cutting-edge solutions can be used for the below applications.

Bends, spools and T-pieces



Field joints

Custom and engineered castings

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Vikotherm® PP