Vikotherm®P7 (Solid Polyurethane)

Vikotherm® P7 (Solid Polyurethane)

Vikotherm® P7 insulation system has an industry track record spanning three decades and is recognized as the benchmark by which other subsea insulation systems are measured. It has long been the system of choice for hot wet applications and field joints.

Operating temperature

Operating temperature range from -40°C to +90°C / -40°F to +194°F

Tensile strength and elongation

Tensile strength of 19mPa and an elongation greater than 95%. Tensile properties maintained at joints.

Thermal properties

Combination of thermal conductivity, density and specific heat capacity give good cool down steady state performance.

Advanced application methods

This is a non-mercury catalyzed solid polyurethane insulation system. The system is fully qualified to meet a complete range of applications and is not restricted by geometry or applied thickness.

Key Applications

Insulation covers or dog houses

Jumpers and spool pieces

Subsea structures, manifolds, subsea trees, PLETs and PLEMs

Risers and flowlines


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Vikotherm™ P7 is Trelleborg’s commitment to helping you ensure optimal high pressure and high temperature flow performance.

Vikotherm® P7