Vikotherm® MPU (Mobile Production Unit)

Vikotherm® MPU (Mobile Production Unit)

Trelleborg Offshore’s Vikotherm® MPU is a mobile coating facility that can carry out onsite coating of Corrosion Protection, Thermal Insulation and Passive Fire Protection. The Vikoterhm® MPU performs at every level as it can be mobilized in a short time frame and transported globally.    

Extruder Container 

Side extrusion of straight pipes up to 12 m, as well as production of profiles for coating of complex geometries (bend, valve, flanges) 

Coating Machine

For coating up to 20 meter pipes, robust and easy application process for use of local personnel

Vulcanization Containers

For up to 20 meter pipes or other structures


Complete workshop with First Aid Kit and all consumables needed

Key Applications

The Vikotherm® MPU can be used on, but is not limited to:

Jumpers and spool pieces

Tie in spools

Hand coating on bend


Risers and flow lines

Pipeline End Manifolds (PLEM)

Pipeline End Terminations (PLET)

Joints, Field Joint Coating


Subsea Xmas Tree (XMT)

Flange Connections

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Mobile Production Unit Construction

Vikotherm MPU (Mobile Production Unit)