Vikotherm®E1 & E2 (Epoxy Syntactic)

Vikotherm® E1 & E2 (Epoxy Syntactic)

Vikotherm® E1 and E2 systems are part of the Vikotherm®insulation range. Combining an extremely high glass transition temperature with resistance to hydrostatic crush pressures, these systems provide high strength, low conductivity insulation.

Operating temperature

The thermal stability of these systems covers a wide temperature range from -25°C to +100°C / -13°F to +212°F. This means they can be effectively applied to extremely harsh subsea environments.

High strength

Tensile strength +15MPa

Suitable for deep water

Maximum operating depth down to 2,000m / 6,562ft

Low density systems

Buoyant materials in sea water

Key Applications


Half shell insulation

Bespoke applications

Flange connections


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