Uraduct® RRS (Retrofit Riser System)

Uraduct® RRS (Retrofit Riser System)

With the increasing number of additional cables requiring termination to the offshore platforms, Trelleborg designed the Uraduct® RRS, which comprises of Uraduct® and dedicated, high integrity locating clamps.

Cost-effective solution

This system provides a very cost-effective solution where cable entry to a platform is not possible via existing ‘J’ or ‘I’ tubes.

Protection for multiple lines

The Retrofit Riser System can be designed to secure one or more lines to platform legs. The use of the established Uraduct® protection system provides impact and abrasion protection for the host line(s).

Polyurethane materials

Items in contact with the cable or pipeline and platform leg are manufactured from polyurethane, eliminating any potential corrosion issues.

Ease of installation

The system is designed for easy offshore installation using minimal personnel.

Key Applications


Platform legs


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Ballast Uraduct

Njord Uraduct®

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