Njord APBS (Piggyback System)

Njord APBS (Piggyback System)

An Advanced Njord APBS is a “snap-together” injection molded marine grade polypropylene saddle. The pieces are fixed in position by a highly corrosion-resistant Alloy 625 circumferential banding strap.

Safe installation

The APBS uses edge treated banding and precision molded piggyback components which eliminate sharp edges reducing the risk of cuts during installation.

Efficient installation

The innovative design reduces handling and improves installation efficiency and time enabling significant cost savings.


Due to the manufacturing process, large numbers of these clamps can be manufactured in a cost effective manner.


When installed on pipelines running along the seabed the abrasion resistant Alloy 625 banding can survive the considerable amount of movment the pipe will experience during its lifetime.

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Njord APBS (Piggyback System)

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